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Software Incompetance (can lead to human incompetance)

December 15, 2008

The picture below demonstrates a big problem in the current state of software usage.  Right now it is too inefficient for a corporation not to automate many processes.  However, the software used to automate those processes is just not as smart as people are.  Most of the time this works out alright, but not always.  There are always edge cases and edge cases are what can make a big difference in how sophisticated your software really is.

Now, if a human with a little common sense were making the price tags, and not a software application lacking in sophistication, the price tag below would probably not have been created because it just doesn’t make sense.  Interestingly, the opposite, and more damaging, situation occurred.  Because a dumb program created a price tag just because of a single penny drop in price some thoughtless employee felt compelled to actually hang it!  This is indeed a failure in software and our trust in it.



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