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Snapshot of an interesting bug

July 12, 2010

Now here is an interesting bug:

"Couch Bug"

I don’t have to do anything other than show you this picture to know that you’ll find it interesting.  And, as pictures always do, there is much detail conveyed from me to you via this picture; even without description or context.  A little context doesn’t hurt so here it is.  I found this bug hanging around on my house one morning this week.  I wasn’t able to take a picture of it until it moved its way up to an exterior light fixture.  Since I have no idea of what origin this bug is, I’ve affectionately dubbed this bug the “Couch Bug” since the design on its wings reminds me of the design of a couch (or “davenport”, as my Grandma called them) from the 1960’s. Most bugs I eradicate immediately as they are a nuisance.    This one is new to me and, as yet, seems harmless so I’ve let it continue to hang out on the siding.  You can be sure though, that I’ll watch it’s development.  Maybe it will leave and I’ll never see it again, or maybe it too will become a nuisance.

This simple, yet unique (to me anyway) bug has a direct correlation to “bugs” in software.  Most software bugs need to be “eradicated” as soon as they are found because they cause problems.  Others just have to watched.  It is unclear in some cases as to whether or not a “bug” is really a “bug”, or just something that is unexpected, like the Couch Bug.  In either case, wouldn’t it be great to have a “snapshot” of the software bug?

The Couch Bug inspired me to dream that I wish I could take a snapshot of a software bug when I encountered one.  I could then pass the snapshot around to my co-workers and, with very little explanation or context, then we would all be aware of the potential problem.  The bug snapshot could be monitored and tracked and multiple instances of it identified if they occur at a later time. It may be a crazy idea or it may already be possible, I’m not really sure.  If anyone knows differently I’d love to hear about it.

P.S. If anyone knows what kind of insect this I’d appreciate knowing that as well!

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