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Mashed Code Magazine Published

January 11, 2011

Mashed Code Magazine has been published.  The magazine was developed to enhance the popular mid-west software development conference CodeMash, but it is freely available to anyone at The topics range across a variety of areas in software development including Java, .NET and Ruby.  The table of contents is below.

  1. Holmes on CodeMash by Jim Holmes
  2. Code Retreat by Corey Haines
  3. Interview with Ethan Dicks by Jason Gilmore
  4. Refactoring Your Wetware by Andy Hunt
  5. Using HTML5 and CSS3 Today by Amelia Marschall
  6. A Brief Introduction to Machine Learning by Seth Juarez
  7. Mobile Interaction by Christopher M. Judd
  8. Ruby, Unix and OSS Philosophy by Matt Yoho
  9. Improve Your Java with Groovy by Kenneth Kousen
  10. Introduction to Android Development by Jason Farrell
  11. A Clojure Fairy Tale by Carin Meier
  12. Web Development AntiPatterns by Mike Doel
  13. Lightning Articles by Jon Kruger, Nick Watts, Matt Casto, Matt Darby, Michael S. Collier, Dana Watts and Dianne Marsh.

Thanks to the 100% volunteer staff who helped produce this magazine: Sara Williams, Matt Darby, Jason Gurik, Jason Gilmore and Michael Letterle.  They did a hell of a job in getting this magazine to publication.  If you have any suggestions or comments about the magazine feel free to comment here or fill out our short survey at  You can keep up with news about the magazine on Twitter too @mashedcodemag.

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