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April Issue of NFJS, the Magazine published.

April 6, 2011

I’ve never posted about this before, but I think it’s time to start. For almost two years now I have been the Technical Editor for a software development magazine called NFJS, the Magazine. The magazine focuses squarely on software development on the Java platform. That includes the Java language, anything related to Java Enterprise web development and any language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine (Scala, Clojure, JRuby, Jython, etc…).  Aside from the content, the most compelling part about the magazine is that it is an offshoot of the popular No Fluff Just Stuff conference that tours the country yearly. Most NFJS, the Magazine articles are authored by speakers on the No Fluff tour. Since the tour features the top experts in the Java universe, the magazine contains the knowledge written  by these experts. Check out the tour roster and some of the past issue authors and you’ll see names like Neal Ford, Ted Neward and Venkat Subramaniam.

I’m very proud of the work we do on this new magazine. The staff and I have worked hard to produce a top-notch magazine that is unique in the realm of software development magazines. The magazine costs $50 per year, which includes 10 issues. Each issue has at least four articles. You can download in a print-quality PDF and two mobile formats: EPUB (for the Nook and iPad) and MOBI (for the Kindle). The articles are professionally edited and are written by top experts in their field, so the content is worth well more than the $50 you pay.

The April issue just published this morning and you can subscribe here: As always, if you have questions just comment on this post and I’ll respond quickly.

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