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June Issue of NFJS, the Magazine published.

June 2, 2011

Here’s what is in this month’s NFJS, the Magazine

Kenneth Kousen – Spock: I Have Been, & Always Shall Be, Your Friendly Testing Framework

The Spock testing framework is clean, elegant, and very easy to use. In this article, many of the capabilities of the Spock framework are demonstrated, from basic tests to mock objects.

Johnny Wey – WebSockets: Bidirectional Communication Over TCP

Ever wanted to send push messages directly from a server to a client? Support real-time messages between multiple clients? Create fast-paced games running in a browser? With WebSockets, these things are not only possible but surprisingly easy.

James Carr – High Powered Messaging with RabbitMQ

In the May,2011 issue, Mark Richards explained the differences between JMS and AMQP and why we should be excited about AMQP. In this article I am going to follow up by taking a very in depth look at one of the popular AMQP broker implementations, RabbitMQ. I’ll cover setting it up, describe some of the interesting plugins, briefly cover some common messaging patterns that are useful to implement and finally setup a simple publish-and-subscribe channel between two different applications

Dave Klein – GORM: Object Persistence Done Right

Object persistence has always been a thorn in the side of developers of object-oriented software. Our software works with objects but our data is stored in records. There is, thus, an impedance mismatch that our industry has spent enormous resources trying to overcome. Some have been driven to such depths of desperation that they have come up with things like EJB Entity Beans. Tools such as Hibernate bring improvements, but persistence is still one of the most difficult layers of an application –unless you are using Grails. Grails’ Object Relational Mapping makes developing the persistence layer of a web application simple, straightforward, and fun.

I’m very proud of the work we do on this new magazine. The staff and I have worked hard to produce a top-notch magazine that is unique in the realm of software development magazines. The magazine costs $50 per year, which includes 10 issues. Each issue has at least four articles. You can download in a print-quality PDF and two mobile formats: EPUB (for the Nook and iPad) and MOBI (for the Kindle). The articles are professionally edited and are written by top experts in their field, so the content is worth well more than the $50 you pay.

The June issue just published this morning and you can subscribe here: As always, if you have questions just comment on this post and I’ll respond quickly.

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