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StirTrek: Darkness Edition

March 13, 2013

After having a few very successful posts about the soapUI web service testing tool (see Configure HTTP Basic Auth for soapUI Test Suites and Some Thoughts on Integrating soapUI Functional Tests with Your Build) I’ve decided to speak at a local conference on the same topic. I will be delivering the talk Web Service Testing with soapUI: Write Once, Run Automatically at the StirTrek: Darkness Edition conference in Columbus, OH on May 17th.

If you’re going to be near Columbus on May 17th, it’s worth a day’s time to attend the conference. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, March 14th at 1:59pm EDT.

Here’s the abstract for the talk:

Writing a web service, especially with SOAP, is hard. Trying to test a web service, especially with SOAP, is even harder. Without a good tool, you can only test web services by manually piecing together SOAP messages or tinkering with REST URIs. This presentation will both introduce soapUI, a top-notch REST and SOAP web service test tool, and demonstrate how to automate the tests you write with it. First, you’ll learn the fundamental features that soapUI offers. Next, you’ll learn how to write and run web service tests in soapUI. Finally, you’ll learn how to automate soapUI test execution and integrate tests into an automated build system. Throughout the talk you’ll also see some of the advanced features of soapUI like Groovy and JavaScript validation scripting and how to validate responses with XPath and XQuery expressions.


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